We believe ability to engage your people in needed change = competitive advantage in today’s world.
This embodies everything we do.

If you want to improve your organisation's performance and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges with the full engagement of your people, read on. We specialise in working with clients who want to engage their people in change, particularly where change is linked to improving customer experience, reducing customer effort and at the same time building your talent pipeline. In our experience, increasing ability to engage people in needed change creates clear competitive advantage, yet so many organisations still have challenges with doing this. And many that have previously been good at it find that, due to the ever-increasing speed of change, it becomes harder and harder to achieve.

Our work involves developing leaders, improving teamwork and communication, and transforming work place cultures. Cutting edge methodologies based in neuroscience, along with a brain-friendly approach result in us helping people learn and take action in ways that often challenge conventional thinking: ways that are refreshingly different and that help fast track progress so you get the benefits more quickly and enjoyably.

More worthwhile, more professional, more effective.

Clients include a wide range of private, public and international organisations, both big and small, with the common denominator between them being that they all want to achieve lasting benefit from the work they do with us, whilst enjoying the journey. We have 16 years' experience working with all manner of groups, from front line to executive level, from one-to-one coaching to conferences of 500 plus.


What makes us tick is working with organisations and individuals who make a positive difference, whose focus is on improving life for their customers, employees and the communities they serve.

Recent work includes:


We're delighted to announce that Health Education West Midlands have awarded our Clinical and Medical Leadership Programme with their Gold Award for quality. The relevance of the course and academic rigour underpinning it was particularly commended by the Panel as was the impact of the programme on participants.

our approach:

Fast, fun
fit for

This is definitely the best course I have attended in my 15 years with my company.
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"Moving and inspiring, reinvigorated, great positive energy."

"A course not to be missed for any leader/leadership role. Inspiring!"

"Best course and most enjoyable I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Wow! Didn’t know my brain could hold so much information!!”

What we do

We blend the best in facilitation, the psychology of leadership, neuroscience, systems thinking, coaching and team development to create unique experiences which bring about our clients’ outcomes. Find out more here.